Can I get a title loan if I am still financing my vehicle?

At Florida Title, we are only able to provide title loans on vehicles that are free and clear of any liens so we will not be able to approve your title loan application if you are still financing your vehicle. When you do pay off your existing lien or if you do have a vehicle that is free and clear of previous liens, we would be more than happy to discuss the title loan process with you!

Did you know that it is standard practice for the lien to be signed off on your title and this sign off releases the lien from your previous lienholder? You are not required to take the signed off title that you may have received from your finance company and have the title reissued with the lien removed to apply for a title loan! You just have to have the lien signed off on the title, the original lien release from the previous lienholder, or the free and clear title without any liens recorded to proceed with your title loan application!

We look forward to assisting you today with your questions about getting approved for a title loan with Florida Title! Call our staff today at (850) 458-2274!