Can I get a title loan with an electronic title? 

Yes, electronic title loan approvals with Florida Title are not an issue! Florida Title is actually one of the only local title loan companies that can take electronic titles for title loan applications! Other title loan lenders in the area will require you to visit your local DMV and have the title switched from an electronic title to a physical title as part of the application process. Save yourself some time, headache and money and use your Alabama or Florida issued electronic title and apply today with a title loan from Florida Title! You would just need to bring in your current registration instead of your title and the additional required documentation for your title loan application to be processed.

If you are unsure if your title is still electronically held, a Florida Title representative can help you figure that out over the phone! In order for our representatives to check the current status of your title, you will need to be prepared to provide us with your Vehicle Identification Number (commonly referred to as VIN) or your title number and we can look up the information to assist you with preparing the required the documentation needed for your title loan application. Feel free to call our friendly staff at (850) 458-2274!