Do I get to keep my car with a title loan?

YES! With a title loan at Florida Title, you will get to keep your car, we will only need to keep the title. It is really as simple as that!

Title loans are actually commonly also known as a title pawn, especially in the south. Although a title pawn has similarities to a traditional pawn transaction, the fact of leaving the collateral in the hands of the pawnbroker requires borrowers to leave their title only, not the vehicle itself so despite opening your title pawn with Florida Title, you can continue utilizing your vehicle throughout the life of your title loan! A title loan would not be beneficial to most Americans if it meant that in order to receive funds for your car title, you would have to also discontinue and leave the vehicle with the pawnbroker throughout the duration that the title pawn remains open and unpaid.

Florida Title can help you get the fast cash you need with a title loan today! Call our friendly and helpful staff at (850) 458-2274 and we can get you an over the phone quote or answer any additional questions that you may have regarding how easy it is to get your title loan approved! We look forward to assisting you!