Do I have to have insurance on my vehicle to get a title loan? 

At Florida Title, we service customers that reside in both Florida and Alabama and because both of these states require for vehicles to be insured to be operated within the state and part of the title loan process is for you to drive your vehicle to one of our convenient locations for a quick 5-minute vehicle inspection, we do require that the vehicle be lawfully operated and driven to one of our branches.

There are no minimum requirements for the vehicle to be covered with a full coverage insurance policy, your vehicle just has to have the minimum insurance required by the state and there are no hidden costs for you to purchase any extra insurance with our company which is a practice of other lenders. At Florida Title, we are not going to sell you or require you to purchase any additional policies to protect your vehicle or your title loan. Avoid the hidden fees and additional expenses by receiving a title loan from Florida Title today!

We look forward to assisting you at Florida Title! Call our friendly representatives at (850) 458-2274 with any additional questions you may have regarding the quick and easy title loan process that we offer!