Do I need a spare key to get a title loan?

No, you will never need to provide us with a spare key to your vehicle. We are actually one of the only businesses in the area that do not require a spare key in order to get a title loan!

At Florida Title, we realize and understand that obtaining a spare key – especially if you do not already have one or misplaced the spare key – can be very inconvenient and also expensive! We do our best to make it easy to get approved for your title loan with Florida Title and that is why we, as a company strive to ensure that we are different from the rest, and we never require the spare key as a requirement for your title loan approval. In fact, all you need to apply and receive a title loan is as little as 4 documents, some of which most customers have already!

  • Photo ID
  • Title or Registration (registration is accepted only if your vehicle is currently titled electronically)
  • Your Vehicle
  • Proof of Residency (If your bank statement can be provided, this can work for both proof of residency and proof of income – if you are unable to provide your bank statement for both, we will need to see proof of income in addition to proof of residency).

Avoid the hassle of getting a spare key and receive a title loan with Florida Title TODAY! Call our friendly and helpful staff at (850) 458-2274 with any additional questions that you may have! We look forward to assisting you!