Do you accept Florida Titles for a title loan?

Yes! Our offices are conveniently located to service both residents from the states of Alabama and Florida! Although we do not service the entire state of Florida, Florida Title is the leading auto title loan service provider for Pensacola, Florida, and the surrounding cities so we absolutely accept your Florida Title for our auto title loans!

Electronic or e-titles from the State of Florida are also accepted at Florida Title! Since 2013, the State of Florida transitioned to hold e-titles primarily only, unless a paper copy of the title is requested by the owner(s) and at Florida Title, we are able to process and approve your title loan if your title is currently electronically held! This allows for e-title holders to skip the trip to the DMV and not pay the additional fee that is required by the state to switch your e-title to a physical title! All you will need to do to provide proof of ownership of your vehicle, if your title is an e-title, please provide our representatives with a copy of your registration instead of your title! It is that easy because we make it easy to help you get the cash that you need today for your car title loan with Florida Title!

Like Florida, Alabama also has e-titles as well and the process is the same regardless of if your title is electronically held through either Alabama or Florida! Skip the hassle of getting your physical title from the DMV and apply for an electronic title loan with Florida Title today using your registration to provide proof of ownership of your vehicle!

If you are unsure if your title is an e-title, we can help you figure that out over the phone! Just call our office at (850) 458-2274 and we can pull the information needed to answer the question for you! We will need you to provide our representatives with either your title number or your vehicle identification number (also known as your VIN). Both of these numbers can be found on your registration, or your VIN is also found on various locations on your vehicle itself!

Still have questions? Feel free to call our friendly Florida Title Representatives to get the answers that you need at (850) 458-2274! We look forward to assisting you!