If my car is not in perfect shape, can I still get a title loan?

Yes! At Florida Title, we accept all personal use vehicles make and models, regardless of the year or the overall condition for title loans! Since the vehicle is the collateral of the title loan, the overall condition of the vehicle, in combination of the applicant’s ability to repay the transaction, will determine the amount of the title loan that the applicant qualifies for. Normal wear and tear will not play a large role in the vehicle’s value and will not be a determining factor in receiving an approval on your title loan application, so your vehicle does not need to be in perfect condition to get a loan.

Once you get into the office, a Florida Title Representative will do a quick auto evaluation to determine the condition of the vehicle, we are not looking for the normal wear and tear of a car and there is no reason to worry about cleaning and detailing your vehicle in preparation for the title loan auto evaluation. When our staff completes an auto evaluation of your vehicle, they are getting general information related to the vehicle such as the features, mileage, overall condition, etc. to input the information specific to your vehicle and produce the current value of your vehicle as part of the process of determining the title loan amount in which you qualify for.

At Florida Title, your vehicle is not expected to be showroom condition to get your title loan application approved! Since your vehicle has to be free and clear of any liens, normal wear and tear is expected! Do not let this stop you from receiving a quick and easy title loan from Florida Title today! Call our friendly staff now to start the process over the phone! (850) 458-2274!