Is there a mileage cut off to get a title loan? 

No! We do not have a cutoff for the mileage, so regardless of the current reading on your odometer, Florida Title can get your title loan approved today!

Everybody relies on our vehicles a lot and because of how much we use our vehicles every day, it is very easy to accumulate miles on the odometer of our vehicle and everyone’s mileage accrual is not a one size fits all expectation of how often our vehicles are used for every day and how the odometer will accrue those miles! That’s why when you apply with Florida Title, we understand and do not have a maximum number of miles that your odometer is required to be under to get your auto title loan approved!

If your vehicle has high mileage based upon the age of the vehicle, the high mileage can reduce the value of the vehicle, which is the collateral for your title loan, and will in return, can reduce the amount of the title loan in which our branch will be able to approve your title loan application for. If your vehicle has a low mileage odometer reading, this can also add value to your vehicle and increase the amount of that your title loan can be approved for! We do understand some cars are rebuilt and do not actually reflect the current mileage, but we use the odometer reading on the vehicle to determine the value of the vehicle.

Regardless of the mileage on your vehicle, we have a program to get your title loan application approved! Call our friendly staff at Florida Title today! (850) 458-2274