May I Get a Title Pawn if I Have Bankruptcy in My Past?

Despite having gone through financial issues in the past, you may still get a title pawn to help with your emergency funds! This is because they are secured pawns that use car titles as collateral. If you live in Jay, Florida, and are seeking a pawn with terrible credit, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get one despite your financial history. The good news is that there may be numerous financing alternatives accessible! One of them could be a title pawn serviced by Florida Title

title pawn

What are the advantages of these kinds of pawns? 

You can keep driving while making scheduled monthly payments – so there’s no need for any long-term commitment or worries about how it will affect other aspects like insurance rates down the road… Many title pawn lenders request that applicants for title pawns do not apply if they are certain to deny them due to their bankruptcy history.

Most of them have simple requirements regarding this type of financing option: 

  1. No credit check should be done.
  2. Title pawns should be repaid in a short period.
  3. No credit card will be issued for borrowers. 

The office in Jay, FL that you approach will help assess if you can qualify for title pawns when applying with your basic information such as social security number and employment status.  

They will also assess your ability to pay back title pawns with their corresponding title pawn interest rates. In addition, they will look at factors such as the value of your car and how long it is still brand new.  

More importantly, they want to make sure that borrowers applying for title pawns in Jay, FL are aware of how high title pawn interest rates can be. 

You may get title pawns even with a bankruptcy in your past if it was not discharged yet or recent bankruptcy events. You can apply online or appear at the office in person.  

Many of our title pawn customers at Florida Title come from a poor credit or bankruptcy background. When you need money and your income isn’t enough to cover all your bills, a title pawn is an inexpensive and fast way to get the money you need. When you apply for a title pawn in Jay, FL, know that your bankruptcy will not impact you. 

A title pawn is an emergency financial solution

Below are just three examples from our satisfied past clients:  

  1. The customer needed money ASAP because his car broke down right before he was due at work but didn’t want anything too big since this would strain both sets of his finances… title pawn was the best option because it not only worked for him but also his family!
  2. A single mom needed money for food and daycare; title pawn was best since she could use her car title to borrow the money, she needed without having to worry about any monthly interest or collateral requirements.
  3. The customer didn’t want anything too big like a bank pawn (where the approval process can take multiple days). Since we were open 24/7, he stopped by later that night and received funds before the end of business hours. 

Once you have established that a title pawn is something you can benefit from, you should also do your research on companies in Jay, so you know who to approach. Title pawns are not associated with banks or credit unions, so title pawn customers will need to seek out lenders directly. 

You can get a title pawn whether you’ve had a bankruptcy in your past or if right now facing one!

Florida Title works with people of various backgrounds to help them find the best option for their needs. For Jay, FL area information about loans – contact them today at 850-458-2274 so our specialists can talk through what’s available and start seeking out funds ASAP!