My credit is not good do I still qualify for a title loan?

Yes, Florida Title never requires a credit check and with Florida Title, you are more than a credit score! With a title loan, you are using the equity that you hold in your vehicle to secure the transaction and since the transaction is secured, at Florida Title, the credit check process is just an additional hassle and unnecessary step for both the company and the borrower. Securing the collateral with a title loan, is exactly the same as any traditional finance company will do when you receive auto financing on a vehicle, the lienholder secures a lien against the title of the vehicle until the debt is repaid in full, and then the lien is released, and the title is returned to the owner (unless the title remains electronically held within the state). The difference between auto financing and a title loan on your vehicle is that when you receive a title loan, it is a short-term transaction that allows you to access the existing equity in your vehicle and not purchasing or refinancing a vehicle that has not been paid off. In order to receive a title loan to access the equity in your vehicle, your title must be free and clear, meaning all previous liens must be released and you are no longer making payments on your vehicle.

Because we do not complete a credit check, we ask for proof of income to show your eligibility to pay back the loan. Although we do have programs that customers can qualify for without proof of income, providing proof of income will likely increase the amount that you can qualify for on your title loan with Florida Title.

We will also require proof of residency, which will allow us to verify the residency for your title loan application. The proof of residency document is also used in lieu of a traditional credit check. Sometimes customers worry that because their bills tend to carry a balance, this document will hinder their ability to approved for the title loan but that is not the case with Florida Title! We will review the document provided for proof of residency, however, unless the document provided is past due a substantial, unusual amount or has been disconnected, this will not automatically result in a hindrance to your approval on your title loan application with Florida Title.

No matter whatever reason you need to access the equity that you have in your vehicle, Florida Title is able to help you! Call our friendly and knowledgeable Florida Title representative now at (850) 458-2274 to answer any additional questions that you may have! We look forward to assisting you!