What can I use to provide proof of residency to get a title loan?

There are several different options that you can provide to Florida Title to provide proof of residency for your auto title loan application. For your proof of residency, we are generally looking for some type of reoccurring billing from your residential service provider. You can use your electric, trash, water, cellphone, gas, cable, or car insurance bill. If you are unable to produce one of those common bills, you could also provide your current lease/rental agreement or your most recent mortgage statement.  You can also use your most recent bank statement, which will work both as your proof of income and proof of residency as long as it shows your name, address, and proof of income on it.

When you get a title loan with Florida Title, you are not applying for a traditional loan, at Florida Title, a title loan is classified by the State of Alabama as a title pawn. This allows for Florida Title to grant you access to the equity that you have in your vehicle by allowing Florida Title to secure a lien on the vehicle, just as though you were financing the vehicle through a traditional lender. Because Florida Title provides title pawns to customers in Alabama and Florida, using the title as the collateral for the title pawn, we never run your credit to approve your title loan, so your credit will never play a factor. This is another reason that we require more documents for your title loan application to be processed and approved, we are using the information that you provide throughout the application process in lieu of a traditional credit check.

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