What is the vehicle year cut off for a title loan?

At Florida Title, there is no vehicle year cut off for the loan, so regardless of the age of your vehicle, at Florida Title we say yes! We really try to with our customers to get their title loan applications approved and funded. No matter what year of the vehicle if you have the required documents for the title loan application, you will not leave our office without being approved and funded.

With our instant quote short form application found on our website, the year for your vehicle is restricted to allow for vehicles that are 1991 or newer due to the service that we used for the integration to pull the vehicle values based upon the data that you entered but we are still able to provide a title loan to customers that have vehicles that are 1990 or older, so we can still assist you! Just call our friendly staff at (850) 458-2274 if you are looking to get a title loan on a vehicle that is 1990 or newer.

Although at Florida Title, we allow all year, makes and models to apply for a title loan, the age and overall condition of your vehicle will play a factor in the amount of the title loan that you are approved for because with a title loan, the title and vehicle is the collateral with a title loan. If your vehicle is considered a classic car, we have a program for you! We can assist you when you bring your classic car to one of our branches and pull the current value for your classic car to assist with an accurate current value of your vehicle once our representatives are able to determine that your vehicle meets the classic car qualifications!

Want to know how much cash you can get today for your title loan with Florida Title? Simply fill out an application online to receive your instant quote or call one of our friendly representatives at (850) 458-2274! We look forward to assisting you!